Seattle Mariners 2 – Detroit Tigers 4

Game two at Comerica was a very different, with a very different pace. While yesterday’s game was closing in on 5 hours, we were already in the 5th at 8:30! Justin Verlander had a pretty solid start which unfortunately was marred by one meatball pitch which cost him 2 runs on a home run by Kyle Seager. Although Verlander has struggled over the past couple of years he was making his pitches and still able to hit the mid-90’s.

The Mariners left James Paxton in the game way too long and he ended up getting tagged for 4 late game runs over 8 innings. With over 120 pitches it seems like the Mariners were asking Paxton to help rest his bullpen after a long game the night before when they burned through 4 relievers.

P.S. My favourite discovery during my time at Comerica Park was Bell’s Oberon Ale.

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