Seattle Mariners 7 – Detroit Tigers 8

When I played the game of hotel roulette on Hotwire, I had no idea that I would end up in casino during my time in Detroit. Little did I know that there was a casino, let alone 3 within the city limits. One perk of staying at the Motor City Casino was their complimentary shuttle to and from Comerica Park. With taxis sparse in the city and the walk to and from the Park not all that exciting, the shuttle was a perfect solution for the day.

Comerica is a really great, modern ball park with diverse concessions and a wraparound concourse, similar to Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The placement of the park at the edge of downtown offer a nice skyline view of some of Detroit’s historic buildings, although it does feel a bit like it was just plopped down in the middle of a neighbourhood.

While weak pitching by both teams was the key theme of the evening, Miguel Cabrera‘s home run in the bottom of the first was monumental, leaving the park and landing on Adams Avenue. With the lead flip flopping back and forth between both team all night, it wasn’t clear who would win this battle as the game headed into extra innings.

While it took until close to midnight for it to happen, the highlight of the game was Justin Upton‘s walk off homerun in the bottom of the 12th. I was tired and so was everyone else who stuck around to celebrate this exciting end to the game.

P.S. As a Canadian I felt right at home with a tribute to hockey great Gordie Howe right before the game and Molson Canadian beer widely available.

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