Warren Wilansky & Andre Dawson
Andre Dawson & Warren Wilansky

During the winter of 2014-2015, I had the bright idea that I would start my own baseball website. With no specific editorial focus, I came up with what I think is a great name for this project and registered Runners at the Corners.

It’s taken quite a bit of time for me to put this site live since as a hobby site, it didn’t have a clear direction and intention. It was a place to explore ideas and play. While this experiment may evolve in unknown directions over the next few years, the core goals of the site right now are:

  • Offer a place for the people to share their unique experiences during and after attending a game live
  • Allow visitors to share their experiences at games they attended or watched at home
  • Explore how design and baseball can be married in different ways
  • Oh, and tell interesting personal stories.

I realize that this site is starting small with a tiny group of passionate baseball fans who want to share their experiences. I do hope that this community grows so that we are able to go from a few games to thousands that share a series of rich and diverse experiences.

Photo Credits: For now, all photos used on the site are the property of the game authors. We also downloaded Shutter Stock Editorial Use Only Photos that we plan to use in some future sections of the site. They are for editorial use to support the content of the page and help to contextualize the stories. We have in some cases edited or cropped the photos for enhanced effect.

Content Credits: Most statistical information is from Baseball-Reference. We have gone out of our way to simplify and streamline the data available on this site. Our focus is on stories and user interface, and where relevant we linked back to them for detailed information. The reality is that Baseball-Reference is the definitive stats site that we don’t have any interest in trying to emulate or copy.

All logos, brands, trademarks are the property of Major League Baseball. As this site started as a personal project it’s possible that there is some content that isn’t attributed. If there are any issues with the content, we encourage you to get in contact with us so we can offer proper accreditation or remove the content.

Warren Wilansky

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