San Diego Padres 19 – Toronto Blue Jays 4

On May 25th, 2019, the Toronto Blue Jays lost to the San Diego Padres 19-4 at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, ON. Runners at the Corners baseball.

Luke Maile pitches one scoreless inning

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To celebrate the second game of the Country Music-themed Do-Si-Do weekend, the Blue Jays marketing department decided to offer the first 18,000 fanes a Justin Smoak B.B.Q. Set. As appealing as this giveaway would be for regifting, the idea of lugging around a large box with grilling utensils was unappealing. I declined.

They also honoured Justin Smoak by allowing him to enter the field first at the start of the game, in celebration of his B.B.Q. themed day. Milliseconds behind him was Vlad Jr. who is quickly cementing himself as the top dog in the clubhouse. Quite a feat for a 20-year-old man with less than 100 at-bats under his belt.

The San Diego Padres took the lead in the first inning and never relinquished it in their 19-4 destruction of Toronto. After chasing starting pitcher Edwin Jackson in the 4th with seven earned runs to his name, the Padres roughed up five members of the Blue Jays bullpen.

The Blue Jays tasked catcher Luke Maile with pitching the final inning of the game and managed two strikeouts, thanks to the kindness of the home plate umpire and his overwhelming 60-mile-an-hour fastball. To top off what was already a poor hitting performance, Randal Grichuk ended the game by striking out for the fourth time of the day. “Here comes a, here comes a” Golden Sombrero!

P.S. Baseball “fans” fascinate me. There was a couple who sat down in front of me, two innings late to the game, who then proceeded to take selfies and stare at their phone and not pay attention to the game at all for the next 3-4 innings. They struck up a conversation with another couple next to them for an inning or two and then proceeded to leave during the 7th inning. Having been to many games over the past few years, I’ve seen this type of behaviour many times, but what I didn’t expect is to hear them claim to be serious baseball fans who travel all the time to see baseball.

P.P.S. The Red Solo Cup song is the worst song in the history of human history.

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