Toronto Blue Jays 7 – Minnesota Twins 13

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Joe Mauer’s Grand Slam in the 5th locks in a win for the Twins

After establishing a 5 run lead in the bottom of the 2nd inning, the Blue Jays hopes of winning a series in Minneapolis were quickly dashed. With 6th runs in the 2nd and 7 in the 5th, the Twins took a commanding lead and ending up winning this afternoon game, 13 – 7.

Josh Donaldson had two more home runs today with his total coming in at 5 over the three games I attended. I don’t think I’ve seen him this locked in all season, and maybe not even since 2015. As great as he was, Joe Mauer’s grand slam in the 5th was the defining hit of the game, silencing the large contingent of Blue Jays fans who had travelled from Thunder Bay, Winnipeg and Saskatoon, to see their team.

Reddit on Josh Donaldson — JAYRM21: Josh Donaldson’s last 10 ABs: 5 home runs, 3 singles, 1 double, 1 groundout — Dodgersthirdreichsthecharm: As a baseball fan and fan of dingers, I’m now moister than an oyster — 11th_Plague: He hit that ball like it owed him money.

In personal news, Eduardo Escobar came pretty close to knocking my head right off. In the 3rd inning, he hit a screaming foul ball not just into my section, but right at my head. I was luckily playing full attention — as I realized how dangerous my seat could be the second I walked into the stands — and had just enough time to duck. The ball grazed the sunglasses of the gentleman sitting to the right of me and hit the woman behind me right in the chest. She wasn’t seriously hurt but ended up with a baseball sized bruise that is going to take a while to heal.


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