Pittsburgh Pirates 2 – Milwaukee Brewers 8

Game Recap | Box Score

With my time in Milwaukee coming to an end, so is my five games with the Brewers. With two games in Chicago and 3 in Brew City, I got a chance to get to know this team and watch them go 4 and 1. Sitting in second place 2 1/2 games behind the Cubs, I’m not sure if they will make it unto the playoffs as a wild-card team, but they have a good chance.

As a Montréal Expos fan, I was torn visiting the Bud Selig Experience. As the baseball commissioner that oversaw the attempted contraction of my team, and its transfer to Washington, I don’t have the warmest feelings for the gentleman. At least now it’s clear why he’s beloved in Milwaukee. In addition to getting a team back to the city, he managed to get them a new stadium and keep them in town. Something that Montréal ownership wasn’t able to pull off. So, I understand his perspective now, but I don’t feel any better about his role in the destruction of Nos Amours.

The Brewers took an early lead in the 4th and held it for an 8-2 win over the Pirates. There were a couple of milestones, with Eric Thames hit his 30th home run of the season and Andrew McCutchen hit his 200th of his career.

P.S. I tried out two very good local beers, Fantasy Factory APA and Hinterland AIPA.

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