Boston Red Sox 7 – Toronto Blue Jays 1

Game Recap | Box Score

While I was pretty sure the last time I saw Chris Sale pitch was July 22nd, 2013 against Max Scherzer at U.S. Cellular Field in Chicago, it was in fact last year in Philadelphia in a losing bid on September 21st, 2016. I’ve been aware of him being a quality pitcher for a long time, but it was only this year when he joined the Red Sox that he got on my radar as more than that. When I saw he’d be pitching this series, I was quite excited to see him at the top of his game. Mister Sale didn’t disappoint.

Chris Sale pitched 7 scoreless innings over 114 pitches, striking out 11 Blue Jays. While the Blue Jays bats are quiet lately, they had an even harder time trying to get anything off of someone in the midst of a Cy Young season. Russell Martin got pretty banged up today chasing multiple wild pitches and getting hit by a pitch twice.

The lowlight of the day:  2015 MVP Josh Donaldson getting a golden sombrero (four strikeouts) on Canada’s 150th birthday. Happy Canada Day?

— Attended by: Warren Wilansky

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