Pittsburgh Pirates 7 – Washington Nationals 9

Bottom of the 9th, walk-off home run by Bryce Harper

After seeing a game at Miller Park in Milwaukee, I got on a plane to Washington, DC to catch a couple of Nationals games. I haven’t been back to Washington since 2008 and I was excited to see one of my favourite teams and revisit Nationals Park. While it was heartbreaking to see the pitching staff struggle so much in the late innings, there are few things as exciting as a bottom of the 9th walk-off home run, by Bryce Harper.


Sadly for Montreal Baseball fans, the Washington Nationals can be a bit painful to watch because they are/were our Montreal Expos. The Nationals, who moved on as quickly as possible to establish their own identity, upset a lot of Montreal fans by not honouring and recognizing their shared history. I’m happy that they have decided to pay tribute to the 2 players from Montreal that made it into the Hall of Fame; Andre Dawson and Gary Carter.


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