New York Yankees 7 – Toronto Blue Jays 10


With 5 RBI’s and the most amazing glove over-the-wall-home-run-steal-catch I’ve ever seen, Rajai Davis personally assured the Blue Jays win over the Yankees today. With what looked like a weak offensive lineup (no Lawrie, no Bautista) the Jays managed to power through and beat the deep offence of the Yankees.

When the Jays were up 10-1 and I was crowing to an NYC fan friend of mine on Twitter, I quickly realized, when I looked at the Yankees lineup, even without A-Rod, that they could easily do damage. And they did. While they didn’t win the game, the depth of their top 6 meant that they were able to pretty easily pull within 3 of the Jays by game’s end. Jeter was solid but so was Encarnacion (the Jays only star hitter left in the lineup) as both were a triple away from the cycle.

Although I’m going to another game on Tuesday, when I got to my hotel and realized that I could make the 1:07 game time, I bit the bullet, walked over to the Roger’s Centre and asked for the best seat available (within a reasonable budget).

I’m not a Jays fan but I definitely enjoyed the silliness of booing Jeter, one of the best players of the past 20 years. It’s special to get a chance to watch Jeter play.

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