New York Mets 5 – Toronto Blue Jays 14

With sports outlets already handling game wrap-ups much better than I could ever do, there is no reason for me to wax poetic about the firsts of this game. Let me explain the dynamics of this game simply; until the top of the 8th, I ate more hot dogs than the Mets scored runs.

Since I live in a city without Major League Baseball, and I’m growing more and more obsessed with this old game every year, whenever I travel I do my best to see a game. Last year I caught the Dodgers when I visited my family in California and the year before that I made it to the infamous Wrigley Field in Chicago.

With a work trip to Toronto organized, I did my best to rally some troops and make our Friday night adventure in addition to baseball-focussed, um, hot dog focused. In looking for tickets over the 4-days I was in town I noticed one strange little promotion for the Friday night game; Lesters Hot Dogs Grand Slam Combo. By having the pleasure of sitting in some upper deck bleachers seats, the Blue Jays, 5 times a season offers a gluttonous evening of all you can eat popcorn, peanuts, apples, nachos (with “cheese”), chips, soft drinks and of course, hot dogs. As someone in his 40’s who is led by his stomach, I thought that sitting in this section would be a great idea.

When we got to the game, there was a line that looked like it would take forever to get through so we decided rather than to battle the wolves for food to sit down in our seats, have a beer and wait for a few innings.

I waited until the 3rd and by then the line had already dwindled down quite a bit. When I headed back in the 6th the line was all but gone. Seems like everyone had enough to eat.

Overall, the whole experience wasn’t a great one and even I agreed with Geoff that it wasn’t necessary and we shouldn’t do it again. The whole food area was dirty, the hot dogs were either boiling hot or freezing and I felt sick by the end of it.  I would hate to be the people who had to clean up that section at the end of the night.

Great game, with good friends and no reason to try this experiment again.

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