Baltimore Orioles 4 – Washington Nationals 2

Baseball is not for everyone, and on some occasions, it’s for no one at all. At this game, my wife took the opportunity to read a magazine and do her nails. “I may as well get something done,” she said, $126,429,667 worth of athletes offering her zero entertainment.

I like baseball because it doesn’t require your full attention. I’ll appreciate a hit, stolen base, or great catch, but the game is secondary to having a beer, a hot dog, and chatting with the people I’m with.

Looking at the scorecard — 15 hits, two homers, six runs, three extra innings — you would think it was a game of at least average interest. But somehow, these moments were sprinkled throughout the game in just such a way that it seemed like nothing happened at all.

Even diehard fans of the sport struggled to extract something satisfying from the evening. When Ronnie Belliard lined out to short to end the game, my friend Warren, baseball maniac, the guy who made this very website, who dreams of a team back in Montreal some day, turned to me and said: “That’s the most boring game of baseball I’ve ever seen.” — Wendell Weeks


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