2015 Season

World Series Champion

Kansas City Royals

Royals over the Mets (4-1)
World Series MVP: Salvador Pérez (KCR)


ALCS: Royals over the Blue Jays (4-2)
ALDS: Royals over  the Astros (3-2)
ALDS: Blue Jays over the Rangers (3-2)
NLCS: Mets over the Cubs (4-0)
NLDS: Cubs over the Cardinals (3-1)
NLDS: Mets over the Dodgers (3-2)
AL Wild Card: Astros over the Yankees (1-0)
NL Wild Card: Cubs over the Pirates (1-0)


June 9th: Chris Heston, Giants 5 – Mets 0
June 20th: Max Scherzer, Nationals 6 – Pirates 0
October 3rd: Max Scherzer, Nationals 2 – Mets 0
July 25th: Cole Hamels, Phillies 5 – Cubs 0
August 12th: Hisashi Iwakuma, Mariners 3 – Orioles 0
August 21st: Mike Fiers, Astros 3 – Dodgers 0
August 30th: Jake Arrieta, Cubs 2 – Dodgers 0

Top 25 Baseball Stories of 2015

Source: NBC Sports Hardball Talk

25: Curt Schilling’s Year in Social Media
24: Barry Bonds comes back to baseball
23: Some ballpark patriotism revealed to be sponsored by the military
22: Baseball reaches peak inexperienced manager
21: A bunch of voters were kicked off the Hall of Fame rolls
20: David Ortiz announces that the 2016 season will be his last
19: The Cardinals hack the Astros database
18: Baseball recommends extended protective netting
17: Chase Utley takes out Ruben Tejada with a questionable slide
16: Legends Yogi Berra and Ernie Banks pass away
15: Scott Boras, Matt Harvey and the shutdown that wasn’t
14: Unrest in Baltimore leads to a fan-free Orioles game
13: Pete Rose finally gets his appeal. And loses it.
12: Josh Hamilton has a relapse and winds up back in Texas
11: Major League Baseball institutes a domestic violence policy
10: The Hall of Fame inducts a class for the ages
09: Max Scherzer tosses two no-hitters
08: Rob Manfred becomes the new commissioner
07: Bryce Harper truly arrives
06: The Nationals choke. Literally.
05: The amazing NL Cy Young race
04: Alex Rodriguez makes his triumphant return
03: Rise of the Rookies
02: Contenders come from out of nowhere
01: The Relentless Royals win it all

National League

New York Mets9072.556
Washington Nationals8379.5127.0
Miami Marlins7191.43819.0
Atlanta Braves6795.41423.0
Philadelphia Phillies6399.38927.0
St. Louis Cardinals10062.617
Pittsburgh Pirates9864.6052.0
Chicago Cubs9765.5993.0
Milwaukee Brewers6894.42032.0
Cincinnati Reds6498.39536.0
Los Angeles Dodgers9270.568
San Francisco Giants8478.5198.0
Arizona Diamondbacks7983.48813.0
San Diego Padres7488.45718.0
Colorado Rockies6894.42024.0

National League Leaders

Most Valuable Player: Bryce Harper (WSN)
Cy Young Award: Jake Arrieta (CHC)
Rookie of the Year: Kris Bryant CHC)
Batting Title: Dee Gordon (MIA), .333
Home Runs: Nolan Arenado (COL) & Bryce Harper (WSN), 42
RBIs: Nolan Arenado (COL), 130
Wins: Jake Arrieta (CHC), 22
ERA: Zack Greinke (LAD), 1.66
Strikeouts: Clayton Kershaw (LAD), 301

American League

Toronto Blue Jays9369.574
New York Yankees8775.5376.0
Baltimore Orioles8181.50012.0
Tampa Bay Rays8082.49413.0
Boston Red Sox7884.48115.0
Kansas City Royals9567.586
Minnesota Twins8379.51212.0
Cleveland Indians8180.50313.5
Chicago White Sox7686.46919.0
Detroit Tigers7487.46020.5
Texas Rangers8874.543
Houston Astros8676.5312.0
Los Angeles Angels8577.5253.0
Seattle Mariners7686.46912.0
Oakland Athletics6894.42020.0

American League Leaders

Most Valuable Player: Josh Donaldson (TOR)
Cy Young Award: Dallas Keuchel (HOU)
Rookie of the Year: Carlos Correa (HOU)
Batting Title: Miguel Cabrera (DET), .338
Home Runs: Chris Davis (BAL), 47
RBIs: Josh Donaldson (TOR), 123
Wins: Dallas Keuchel (HOU), 20
ERA: David Price (DET/TOR), 2.45
Strikeouts: Chris Sale (CHW), 274

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