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  • Florida Marlins 9 – Montreal Expos 1

    My Last Expos Game, The Last Expos Game Everyone in Montreal knew it was coming. For years, since Major League Baseball was swindled by Jeffrey Loria into buying our Montreal Expos on December 20, 2001, we knew that there would be a day when the Expos would be playing their final game in Montreal. On September […]

  • Pittsburgh Pirates 0 – Montreal Expos 3

    This was the last game that I attended with my Dad.

  • Philadelphia Phillies 6 – Montreal Expos 7

    Vladimir Guerrero walk-off home run! By the early 2000’s I was going to roughly 1-2 Expos games a year. Like much of the rest of the city I had enough with the baseball ownership situation in Montreal and at the same time felt bad for the players. For some reason our client, Airborne Mobile decided to give me […]

  • Montreal Expos 1 – San Diego Padres 0

    Pedro takes a perfect game into the 10th

  • Atlanta Braves 2 – Montreal Expos 7

    Game Recap | Box Score “Maddux was stunned. Raw rookies don’t homer off the great Greg Maddux, let alone blast the ball off his shoetops for a deep, deep moonshot. Atlanta manager Bobby Cox came out to the mound. His shaken pitcher handed him the ball, and was gone. Floyd’s monster drive sent the Big […]

  • Cincinnati Reds 2 – Montreal Expos 3

    “The first time I saw Pedro Martinez pitch live was in his second start as an Expo. I remember little things about that night, like my girlfriend Lynn (we’re still together) going to say hello to her brother and his fiancé before the game down in the VIP Section. I stayed in our seats in […]

  • Pittsburgh Pirates 1 – Montréal Expos 5

    After a dismal year in 1991 and a rocky start to the following season, I, like a lot of Montreal Expos fans, experienced a renewal of my love for the team and for baseball itself in 1992. Behind this renaissance was (at the time, interim) manager Felipe Alou, who replaced the fired Tommy Runnells on […]

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 1 – Montreal Expos 0

    22 innings, 21 innings of scoreless baseball Game Recap | Box Score  It took only 6:14 for the first run of the game on a home run by the Los Angeles Dodgers catcher Rick Dempsey at the top of the 22nd inning. It’s worth noting that: Winning pitcher John Wetteland who eventually join the […]

  • Pittsburgh Pirates 1 – Montréal Expos 2

    Pittsburgh Pirates 1 – Montréal Expos 2

    One of the things that I wish I could figure out, is what were all the different Expos games that I attended as a kid. My father never had season tickets (I doubt her could have afforded them) but I’m pretty sure that we went to at least 5 or more games a season. So […]

  • Los Angeles Dodgers 2 – Montreal Expos 1

    1981 National League Championship Series (NLCS), Game 5: Blue Monday If only…. As a 9-year-old kid in 4th grade, some days are boring and time seems to move painfully slowly. Time moved especially slow for me on Monday October 19, 1981.   Why? Because I had tickets to the Montreal Expos afternoon game. And we […]

  • Montreal Expos 4- Pittsburgh Pirates 5

    Pittsburgh walks off the Expos on a one-out double to Left Field Game Recap | Box Score Expos play well but Pirates still end up winning by Ian MacDONALD, Montreal Gazette Things are getting tougher for the Expos. They played better than they have been and against a much stronger team — but they still […]

  • 1979 Expos & Blue Jays

    CBC Newsmagazine, with Nolton Nash