St. Louis Cardinals 9 – San Francisco Giants 4

July 5th: St. Louis Cardinals 9 - San Francisco Giants 4

Cardinals offence overwhelms Giants

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With home runs by José Martinez and Paul Goldschmidt in the top of the first inning, it was clear that today was going to be a rough day for Giants pitching. The St. Louis Cardinals managed another home run in the 9th by Dexter Fowler to cap a nine-run evening, driven by fourteen hits. While St. Louis’ Dakota Hudson wasn’t sharp, giving up three runs over five innings, it was enough to get the win thanks to the Cardinals success at the plate.

One thing I appreciate about games in San Francisco is that the wave is virtually banned at Oracle Park. From what I’ve read, the enthusiasm for the wave in Oakland and Los Angeles had made it so that Giants fans want to have nothing to do with it. These are my kind of people. If you are attending a baseball game, one should be there to focus on what is happening on the field and not try and create your own fun, usually instigated by a few drunk bros.


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