Milwaukee Brewers 2 – Chicago Cubs 0

Ryan Braun hits his 300th career home run

Game Recap | Box Score

After a shaky start in the first inning, John Lackey settled into a dominant performance until the 7th. Unfortunately for him and the Cubs, the two runs he gave up were more than enough for the Brewers to win the game. All it took was Cubs “favourite” Ryan Braun one swing to drills his 300th career home run to make the difference for the day.

I was most excited to see Eric Thames play over the next few days. While he had cooled down since his blistering start to the season, his return from the KBO to major league success was one of the most captivating stories of the season. His arms also look like something out of a video game.

Finally, while Brewers fell short of making the playoffs in 2017, this is a young and dynamic team. If they make a few good moves in the off-season, they will be playoff bound in 2018.

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