Houston Astros 6 – Detroit Tigers 5

Game Recap | Box Score

Josh Reddick homer gives the Astros the win

Watching Jose Altuve today, it’s clear that he is one of the rarest and most talented players in the game. Given his size relative to most of the other players — 5’6 looks tiny next to a team of 6’0+ players — many fans in the crowd were clearly shocked to see him on the field. It took him about 2 minutes to silence them all.

Top of the first, Altuve hit a ball into the outfield that he managed to stretch into a triple with pure base running speed. On a sacrifice fly, he easily scored to put his team on the board, almost singlehandedly. With a 3 for 4 night and a batting average that is flirting with .370, Altuve currently has the confidence and swagger of the best players in the game. Diminutive size or not, he is the leader of the Astros and the core of that team.

Dallas Keuchel started for the Astros after being on the disabled list for almost two months. He didn’t last long, as expected, giving up 3 runs over 3 innings on a pitch limited outing. Jordan Zimmermann made it through seven innings for the Tigers, giving up 3 runs, which bests his current 5.50 ERA.

The game was won on Josh Reddick’s home run in the 8th, scoring Fisher and Altuve to go ahead 6-5.

Travel tip: If you are visiting the Detroit-Windsor area it is possible to stay in Canada and take in the game, without the need for a car to travel back and forth. Windsor offers a Tunnel Bus, which on game day runs about every 15 minutes and will drop you off and pick you up right at Comerica Park. Clearing customs takes a bit longer on the US side, but overall it’s a pretty hassle free way to cross the border.

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